MS: Worker Campers Paid Position - Pay

- Hidden Springs RV Resort, Tylertown, Mississippi
($$ Working Camper Jobs for Single RVer and RV Couple)

MS: Hidden Springs RV Resort, Tylertown, Mississippi. Wanted for Spring/Summer/Fall Season and possibly longer.

Working Camper Couple for Lawn Maintenance, Carpentry and General Handyman work and office help. You must work 26 hours per week (includes both) for full hook up site. There is an additional 40 hours which may be worked for $8 to $10 per hour.

Working Camper Individual to work a total of 26 hours per week in Guard Shack. This 26 hours will provide a full hook up site. No additional hours available for pay.

Please, tell us you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels. Telephone: 601-876-4151
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This is a Workers On Wheels (WOW) "Help Wanted" ad. This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other employment or volunteer position for working campers and RVers -- is posted at the request of the person, business, or organization that is hiring. Hidden Springs RV Resort, Tylertown, Mississippi.


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