Mr. G "Gonz" Olvera

- Full time
(Beaver Coach)

Fresh 55 year old single male workamper, looking for seasonal employment. In exchange for FHU site for 34' motorhome, and 20-30Hrs of paid work.
Looking to work in Maintenance and groundskeeping and other odd jobs as long as my body is physically able to do so.
US Navy Gulf War Era Veteran with PTSD with no major issues or civil/criminal arrest record.
I am a non drinker/smoker who takes only what meds the VA perscribes.
Open to any back ground checks or moral character questionaries.
6'2" or 74 inches tall, 250 lbs. With a little physical activity the weight will come off naturally, just gotta stay healthy.
I hope to find a small RV park less than 35 spaces, so I will not be overwhelmed with work.
I am looking at the western northwest US OR,WA, Vancouver BC.
Or UT,western Colorado Above 5-6 thousand feet, no more than 8500.
I just want to get away from Chihuahuan desert heat.
I will be ready to travel in the spring April-May of 2021 until Sept/Oct. If I can save enough money ,I can winter in Mexico and make a little money fishing or odd jobs while there.
Please gimme a call so we can see if I can help you, just call me
Gonz, at my email Ph: 575 223-8775


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