Moving Frequently and Work Camping

- Jim
(Work that Allows for Frequent Travel)

Are there work camper jobs for short time commitments? If so, where can I find them? There are so many work camper jobs, but all I have seen go against our full timing goal, which is to travel. Thanks.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

There is much work for full-time RVers who want to do a lot of traveling, stopping only for short-term job commitments. Whether or not they are "work camper jobs" depends on your definition of such, but I think you are asking about the availability of short-term work in general.

Here are some ideas:

Fill in at campgrounds for seasonal workers who take time off for emergencies, illnesses, or special occasions.

Work the shoulder seasons at campgrounds and tourist attractions.

Work for a temporary staffing service.

Work fairs, RV rallies, home shows, rodeos, trade shows, and other events that only last a few days.

Be versatile and do an assortment of odd jobs.

Do one-time jobs around the campground.

Work for a carnival or circus.

Work for yourself with a mobile business.

Create jobs that take you from campground to campground, or town to town.

So much of this depends on your knowledge, skills, abilities, and willingness to do the job.

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Just Ask!

Call ahead to a campground in the area you'd like to be and ask the manager if they have any work available in exchange for a free camping spot, or maybe at least a reduced rate. Sometimes you get a "Yes!"

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