Monthly Workamping

- Bob

We're planning our next winter's trip from NE to TX/NM/CA/OR and wondering if any RV campgrounds need workers on a monthly basis. We're both retired educators, carpenter/handyman, clerical/office/hostess. Any hopes for us?

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Mopnthly Positions

Hi Bob,

There's often a need for a workamper for just a month or so during the shoulder seasons. These are for the months at the beginning and the end of the season.

College students and teachers may work the main part of the season. But, if the campground opens before school gets out, they (park owners) need workers for those weeks in the spring. Similarly, those students and teachers leave to go back to school in mid to late August, but the campground may stay open another month. Once again, the park owners need someone for a few weeks.

Another time when openings crop up are around the holidays. When the full-season workamper wants to go back to see the grandkids for Christmas, the campground needs someone for a few weeks to fill in.

Actually, you will find the need for fill-in or substitute workampers any time of the year. RVers get sick. A parent dies. Another family matter comes up and they leave unexpectedly. Or, the job just isn't working out and the workamper quits or gets fired.

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