Mobile RV Cleaning Business

(Burle B. asks...)

The main reason for contacting you is to ask your opinion about the potential of starting a mobile RV cleaning service. I'm just beginning to explore this potential business opportunity that could help me save up cash for my first RV.

This idea was conceived when I noticed a nice RV rig in a hotel parking lot late one evening while traveling on business. The questing popped into my mind, why would they choose to spend the night in the hotel when they could have chosen the local RV park?

One possible answer quickly came to me, they must have been thinking about a freshly cleaned room with clean sheets, towels, and amenities. I'm sure there are many, many reasons like to swim in the hotel pool or room service.

I'm just beginning to explore the potential of a mobile RV cleaning business. I have extensive knowledge and access to many cutting edge chemicals and cleaning methods as a result of
working in the chemical and supply business for over 17 years and connections with many major and local suppliers in the cleaning supply and chemical business in several states.

I would provide high quality cleaning that conveniently goes to RV parks by appointment, responsive and timely service at affordable prices. I would offer a basic cleaning package with various add on options such as carpet cleaning, leather and upholstery cleaning, etc.

I would also like to extend our services to companies and business professionals that travel extensively in RVs. I could clean and sanitize RV's that have been in storage for months so they will be ready to go just before the next vacation or business trip. Other services could be added depending on the demand and geographical location

My very preliminary research seems to indicate that this concept of a mobile RV cleaning service could fill an important need among the RV community. I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions you could offer.

Coleen, the editor replies:

I think there is real potential for an RV cleaning service. Many RVers are older and not able to do the reaching and bending required to give their RVs a good house cleaning. Others are accustomed to having a housekeeper or cleaning service come in for our sticks and bricks house, so it would be natural to hire cleaning help in the RV.

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Price Range

Perhaps a discussion or "thread" could be started regarding the price range of such a service.

Basic cleaning price?

How about cleaning RV's on a donation basis, at least for starters. The owner decides what they feel the cleaning job was worth.

How about charging per foot? How much would RVers be willing to pay per foot? Some companies charge by the foot when refinishing or polishing the out side of RV's like Airstreams.

Feel free to jump in and start a "thread" on this subject by offering your advice and suggestions.

We Would Use this Service

There is no date on this post so I have no idea how current this is !??? We are not full timers, but do travel for a month or more during the winter. I would pay a reasonable price to have some one come vacuum the inside, shampoo the carpets and wash the windows of our fifthwheel while we are staying in a park.

RV Cleaning Biz

i would like from buble b and others to learn the biz from people in this biz, thanks.

I love this idea

I have arthritis and while I can manage some cleaning, I would love to be able to arrange for someone to do a proper thorough clean regularly and at the start and end of the ‘season’ as we use our RV much less during the winter so I hate to leave it sitting without a thorough clean. So I’d be interested in a clean maybe every two weeks of use plus two "deep clean" sessions a year?

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