MLM Questions Every Working RVer Should Ask to Find the Right MLM Company

These 44 MLM questions can help you decide if a particular multilevel marketing company is right for you. Which are legitimate? There are so many out there, it can be tough to figure it out.

Answer these MLM questions and you'll have a better idea of whether or not a company is legitimate and if it fits with your RVing lifestyle.

  • Is there a product or product line to sell?
  • What is the sign up fee?
  • Is there an annual renewal fee?
  • Do they require that you attend meetings?
  • What support does the parent company provide?
  • What training do they provide – and where?
  • How extensive is the product line?
  • Are the products competitively priced?
  • Is the product consumable?
  • Will one sale lead to repeat orders?
  • What supplies are needed?
  • How much are catalogs, brochures, samples, gifts, order forms, etc.?
  • What (if any) is the monthly minimum order?
  • Do sales aids count toward monthly minimums?
  • What must you do to remain an active consultant?
  • What must you do to retain the commission from your down-line (recruits)?
  • What are the commissions for each down-line level?
  • What bonuses are given and what is necessary to qualify for them?

  • How much inventory is required?
  • How much inventory is recommended?
  • How much will inventory cost?
  • How much space will it take up?
  • What will the product inventory weigh?
  • Will the parent company buy back inventory?
  • If so, at what discount?

  • Is a married distributor allowed to sponsor his spouse into the program?
  • What is the minimum order size?
  • How is ordering done -- telephone, on-line, mail, or pick-up at warehouse?
  • Does the parent company accept credit cards for payment?
  • Do they process credit card sales you make?
  • What are the service charges?
  • Does the parent company ship directly to the customer?
  • Is the parent company willing to ship to you at various addresses?

  • Does the parent company charge you sales tax on the product?
  • How are your shipping charges determined?
  • Do they provide you a website, and if so, what is the cost?
  • Are you limited in how or where you may advertise?
  • Are you limited to how or where you can sell the product?
  • Are you limited to how or where you can recruit?

  • Do they allow you to sell other product lines?
  • Is the product guaranteed?
  • How are you expected to handle products returned under the guarantee?
  • Do you use or believe in the product?
  • Would you feel proud, indifferent, or embarrassed to let your family, friends, and fellow RVers know you are an independent sales associate for this particular multilevel marketing company?

Answering these MLM questions will help you make an informed decision regarding a multi-level marketing business.

You may find many companies meet the criteria you are looking for. Bob and I found one that works well for us. Both the business and the product line fit my RVing lifestyle.

Click here to learn more about our choice.

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