Minneapolis SW KOA

- Bob and Barb

The Minneapolis SW KOA campground is great and we have tons of fun. Yes, we work hard during the week and on the big holidays. There's something going on almost every weekend -- movie night, candy bar bingo, scavenger hunt, and ice cream social. Keeps us busy, but we love it.


The owners are wonderful and provide a great work environment, but we also have our time for workamper socializing. When we finally settle down we all meet at the workamper table and enjoy our time together.

That's why the same three workamping couples return every year to Minneapolis SW KOA.

Comments for Minneapolis SW KOA

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Tell Us More About this Campground

Thank you Bob and Barb...now, please, tell us more. Where can we find this campground? What is the contact information? Do you have a picture of the park -- maybe with you working there -- that you could submit? Maybe the other couples who work with you would also like to add some thoughts -- that would be great, too.

Where is Minneapolis KOA?

Minneapolis SW KOA is just south of the Twin Cities. The actual address is Jordan, Minnesota. It's also very close to the Mall of America.

To see our KOA on the web... go to http://KOA.com/where/mn/23112

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