Minimum Wage Now Balloon Payment Later

- Stann Honey

I have a hot springs is SW Montana, which we are in the process of trying to sell. I am looking for three retired or semi-retired couples looking for part time employment, and at sometimes, a full work week during certain periods of the summer. I need a combination of resort maintenance experience, including plumbing, electrical, and mechanical. The women would be responsible to maintain the cabins and restaurant.

Scheduling will make sure that there is plenty of time for personal recreation like fishing and exploring the area we occupy. We are open 7 days a week, Memorial Day through Labor Day, and then we are open Thurs. thru Sun the rest of the year. Since having three couples will over staff, there will be ample time for vacations and such.

I am looking to hire three couples with outside income because while they are working they will be paid minimum wage, and provided one meal per day, plus a space to provide an RV for living. We will cover the electricity in the summer, but they must pay their own in the fall, winter, and spring.

I want a commitment that they will stay with me because I do not want to have to worry anymore about looking for employees until the place sells. Upon the sale of the property, each couple will receive $100,000. It may take one year it may take 5 years. I just want three couples who are willing to make a commitment to me, put up with a few Montana winters, help keep my place running and clean, and I will compensate them well for their effort.

This is the web link to the hot springs:

Question: How and where do I find these three couples?

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Large End of Contract Bonus

Hi Stann,

Well, your question -- or situation -- is one that I haven't seen before.

I know employers sometimes give bonuses to employees who stay for the entire season or to those who completely fulfill their contract. I suppose what you are offering is basically the same thing -- an end of season bonus. It is just that the amount here is quite large!

Since you are paying minimum wage and some nice benefits, I think people will be interested and that you will get responses.

If it sounds too good to be true............

Wait 2-5 years in this economy for the property to
sell is quite a gamble, especially when the owner
can't even afford a living wage and FHU.

Montana winters in an RV sounds additionally extreme.

Even if you have a contract guarantying the money
in the end, including a lien on the property, it is still subject to any form of bankruptcy or even

I don't mean to impune the owners offer
as anything insincere, but it may not be a well thought out offer, which sounds like a poor gamble.

If things don't work out at any time you could be
shown the road out and all promises are canceled.

Minimum Wage Now Balloon Payment Later

I would be interested but don't like the idea of
working for a place that makes money from killing innocent wildlife. Maybe they should learn from camera safari's.

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