Million Dollar Motorhome Owners

- LW

Some RV park owners practice total snobbery. They only want someone who is driving a million dollar motorhome.

Why someone who has that kind of money would be looking for a camping job is beyond me.

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Motorhome Owners Flock Together

"Birds of a feather flock together." Have you heard the phrase? Some RVers who drive the expensive motorhomes want to park exclusively with others driving similar coaches. They create a demand for the exclusive motorhome only RV parks.

That doesn't make the park owners snobs. It makes them business owners who provide a service RVers want and are willing to pay for. It is understandable that they would want their staff's rig to blend in with that of their clientele.

People driving those expensive rigs need jobs for the same reasons anyone else does. Money to make their motorcoach payments is one reason. Cutting their campground costs by volunteer workamping may be what makes it possible for them to afford their rigs. Or, again, just like people driving the less fancy rigs, they want to stay busy, contribute to society, use their skills, gain new skills, or simply be productive citizens.

Campground Owner/Operator's View

I am a campground owner/operator. My job is to treat people as equals.

Currently, I do not discriminate against the RVers that come to my park based on the year or type of their rig. The 20 year old Jayco is just as important to me as the brand new Dutch Star. I provide a service to campers/RVers and as long as they abide by the park rules, they all deserve to be treated as equals, regardless of what they are camping in.

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