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I was wondering why none of the RV info readings anywhere have a personals column, such as if you are looking for someone who might be looking for a traveling companion to share expenses or an RV cupid section? Just a thought.

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Businesses Are Built On Filling Needs

Our business is helping people to make and/or save money. Being an RV cupid match maker just doesn't seem to fit into that.

Finding a travel companion to share expenses with might save money, so I guess it is related in that way. Still, it is a stretch. I wouldn't be surprised if in the long run it would end up costing more than RVing solo.

I'm not convinced that finding a travel partner online is a good idea, which is another reason we don't have a Personals Column.

I don't know why other RVing sites don't have personals columns.

A good way to start a successful business is to find a need and fill it. It helps if you are interested in the subject. Since you are here on our website, presumably looking for ways to make money, and you apparently have an interest in matching up RVers, maybe it is a business you should consider. To build a successful website business, I suggest you use SiteBuildIt!.

RV Matchmaker

I've thought about creating a place to connect travelers together.... With so many RVers online these day, maybe an online RV together site would be fun. There are so many travelers that want good company with RVing in common. I might still do this - depends on the feedback on the idea, but then again, what's the saying, "don't know if you don't try", right?

Thanks for writing an original article. I love reading your blog!

The thing I like best...

...on RV forums is that they *don't* have "dating" or "personals" sections. There are so many of those out there anyway, and they are an opportunity for some really undesirable people/things in the RV community, which I consider safe and sensible as it is.

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