Master Electrician

- Bill
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Is there work for a Master Electrician in the RVing world? I will be traveling with my wife, 2 dogs, 1 McCaw parrot and 2 HD bikes. My wife has a number of skills: front desk, office, accounting, cleaning to name a few.

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Electrician Jobs and Full-time RVing Have a History

Yes. In fact there's great history between full-time RVing and working as an electrician. You've maybe heard of the Escapees RV Club; it is one of the largest, with much emphasis on full-time RV travel. It was started by Joe and Kay Peterson. Joe was an electrician.

Joe and Kay, along with their family, started full-time RVing to follow Joe's work. Rather than stay in motels, they lived in their trailer, moving from job to job. I think Joe was a union electrician.

I'm not sure if you are looking for full time employment to support your family or something part-time to keep busy and supplement your retirement. Either way, there are opportunities for you.

Although I don't have much union experience, I would think that would be the place to start your job search. Another option is to register with temp services that specialize in placing tradesmen. If you are looking for more casual jobs, many RV parks and tourist attractions would love to have a master electrician help them.

When applying for jobs, use your mobility as an asset. There's a realm of possibilities. Think of the company trouble shooter who needs to move wherever and whenever there are problems. Or, the company electrician who moves from location to location, doing maintenance and upgrades. Or, even something as diverse as working for a circus or carnival that has constant needs.

I'm sure you know more about the licenses required for being an electrician than I do, but just as a reminder, check into reciprocity with other states.

I'm guessing that for workamping jobs where you are basically doing a small amount of work in exchange for an RV site, that the campground owner would not require you to be licensed.

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