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Anyone with experience as an RV'ing massage therapist? I would love to travel in an RV and work as a massage therapist along the way. Has anyone seen anyone doing this? Or, know of anyone I could contact for more info?

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Massage Therapy

Ah, nothing like a good massage to relax a person.

Yes, there are other RVers out there working as massage therapists.

You might find work doing massage therapy through temporary staffing agencies. In particular, look for those that specialize in placing medical professionals.

There are also masseuses that work at parks and campgrounds. Word of mouth advertising about your service would surely travel fast at a park. A flyer posted on the bulletin board or a sign in your rig window would help.

Another option is to work at destination resorts. Many of them have extensive activities programs and you may be able to work as part of that. Some have on-site shops and commercial services for their residents, including message therapists.

You will find that some campgrounds welcome you to provide services to others campers. Some prohibit it.

Another issue you will need to deal with is licensing. Some cities or counties, as well as states, require a license or certification. Some do not.

A good source for more information is the Natural Healers website. There you can find info on message therapist certification and licensing requirements. The website also has a lot of general information about message therapy careers, including pay, places that hire, massage therapy schools, and even the history of message.

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I posted a little while back about full time RVing and giving massages. I appreciate all the feedback.

I have not bought an RV yet but I'm hoping to very soon. I live in south Florida and the massage industry is doing so poorly I thought it couldn't be any worse on the road. This way I get to travel the country and see what other opportunities are out there.

Of course I will have my updated insurance and National Certification, and any thing else I need. If I'm only working for a few weeks at a time in a place, what more would I have to get?

Obviously it would depend on the resort I'm working in and the owners as to whether they will allow me to or not.

I'm also going to work on becoming a life/relationship coach as well. I can also do that from my RV, as well as a water filtration business. Thanks for all the replies.

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