Mandatory Utilities?

- by Your Workers On Wheels Editor, Coleen
(Water, Sewer, and Electric? Mandatory or Not?)

If There's Enough Money in the Work, We Can Pay for Our Site

If There's Enough Money in the Work, We Can Pay for Our Site

Aren't utilities mandatory? We have a poll on our website, asking what work benefits are important to you. It's a two-point poll. One asks you to check off the benefits and perks that you consider important. The other asks you to pick the three most important. Additionally, there's a place for comments.

One of the comments this week was about utilities, specifically water, sewer, and electric hook-ups. The responder wrote, "Seriously, if utilities are on the list, how can we get beyond those? There are three essential utilities. I wanted to choose wages, which is the essential factor for us, as we're not retired. I can't see how we can work without the utilities, though. I don't want to have to pack up and move to dump every four days, either."

In the end, she chose electricity hookup, sewer hookup, and water hookup -- not wages.

Personally, having water, sewer, and electrical hook-ups usually aren't that important to us. Sure, it's great when a job includes onsite parking and paid utilities. But, when the wages are good enough, we gladly pay for our site and utilities.

Most of our RVs have been self-contained. Even when staying at a park with full hook-ups, we seldom bother with them. And, we are somewhat conservative, so even if we do need to pay for metered electricity, it isn't much.

On the other hand, if we are going to live on-site, the property must allow our pets. There's no give or take there. That, for us, is a deal breaker.

Internet access is also near the top of the list. We don't require the employer to pay for it. But, if we are going to be somewhere for more than a day or two, there at least needs to be a signal I can pick up with my cell phone.

The other one that is important to us -- and that I think should be important to everyone -- is location. Is the job in an area where we want to spend time? If not, there better be some very compelling reason for us to be there.

It's always interesting to hear RVers' perspectives. We're an extremely varied bunch.

What are your choices? Share your thoughts. Take the poll.

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