Management Beach Host

- Working RVer Teresa Gall wrties....
(Hosting at Moy Mo Da Yo Recreational Facility)

Teresa & Mark Gall at Moy Mo Da Yo

Teresa & Mark Gall at Moy Mo Da Yo

We are the Galls and we work at a recreational facility called Moy Mo Da Yo as the management beach host. It is located in Limington, Maine. The site is beautiful with a lake and woods.

Moy Mo Da Yo has a tennis court, volleyball, horse shoes, beach with a swimming float, hiking trails, and more. We run all facets of the facility. We manage the day to day operations, which include office, boat inspections, security, and more.

The sunsets here at Moy Mo Da Yo are gorgeous. When the sun goes down on the lake it makes a beautiful view to behold.

The season is from May to September. We receive a full hook up site and a paid salary. But the hours are many -- 13-hour days with 2 days off a week. We are Christians, and we get Sunday morning off for church, and then back to work again.

We are looking for a campground that has church services on site. That is a must for us. We like to RV and go to different states. We are looking forward to our next adventure! God bless!


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