Making Money On The Road

- Kathy
(Palm Springs, CA)

RVers Kathy and Jack

RVers Kathy and Jack

My partner and I travel from May to October in our 5th wheel and I have racked my brain trying to think up ways to make some extra cash on the road.

I make custom beaded golf scorekeepers and thought about selling those but have not had much luck.

We are not too interested in being campground hosts.

Any books or ideas on what other RV'ers do to earn money on the road?

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4 Resources for Making Money on the Road

Here are four some quick suggestions for making money on the road...

1. Subscribe to our RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter, the news and updates ezine. It is free. Each issue has a list of jobs. It also has a variety of helpful information such as workamper questions and answers, working RV tips, and announcements of what is new on the website. Look to the left hand side of this page, where you'll see links to various pages on the site ? the third one down is Email News ? and if you click that it should take you to the page where you can subscribe. You will also find links there to back issues that you are free to read.

2. Look through this entire website. You'll find lots of different ideas. We add new information post jobs, and answer questions throughout the week. Keep checking the Blog page to find what's new.

3. Go to and take time to read through the free e-book.

4. Go to and take time to read at least a half dozen or so of the worker's case studies and other examples you'll find on the site.

Campground Site Maps

We have been selling advertising on campground directories for nearly 10 years now. We have done well financially. The commissions are generous, you get to stay free in the campground while selling ads (usually two weeks), and get to write off your RV expenses on your taxes.

You can work where ever and when ever you want. Some reps only want to work 8 or 10 weeks a year, some work year round. We are in between, working about six months.

It's a good company, they provide the training and support. If you have good people skills, you will do well.

Email me if you are interested.

Selling Campground Directory Advertising


Yes, we'd like to know more about your experiences selling campground directory advertising. No reason for you to spend time answering the same questions over and over again. So, rather than including your email address here, I'm asking you to reply to us as a group. Please share your story!

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