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- Barb

It dawned on me that I had not heard from the "Make Money While RVing" group for a few weeks. So I decided to go to the home page. There I discovered your announcement of a move. It was new to me.

What happened to the "group" concept?

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RVing Group Discussion

Hi Barb,

I'm glad you found us! The group discussion concept is alive and well. Instead of using Yahoo! Groups, we're now using the interactive parts of the Work For RVers and Campers website.

You can still ask questions. You are also encouraged to answer other people's questions and to make comments.

The new format gives you some options. You can read it on the website at your leisure. Each question has its own page, with the answers and comments following on that page. That makes it easier to follow. If you want to receive email notifications of every new comment, or every comment on particular questions, you may choose to. Or, you can choose to receive the RSS Blog notifications.

Besides posting questions, answers, and comments, you can now also post Help Wanted ads, Work Wanted ads, employer profiles, employee profiles and resumes, and even nominate your favorite workcamper campground. These are by section, so you don't have to hunt around for them. And again, new additions are put on the RSS Blog so a quick scan lets you know what was added or updated when.

I still moderate all posts, just as I did with the Make Money RVing Yahoo! Group.

So, we're having the same kind of RVing group discussions, just better organized.

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