Maintenance Worker Wages

- a Workers On Wheels reader asks....
(Pay Rates for an Experienced Maintenance Worker )

What would be the average hourly wage for a person who has 35 years of residential and commercial maintenance experience, mainly refrigeration and electrical background?

I'm thinking of retirement soon. Want to do some traveling and pick up some change along the way.

Coleen the RVing editor replies:

Wages for Maintenance Workers

Asking for average wages for maintenance workers on the road is like asking how much it costs to go out for dinner. Depends if you go to the fast food restaurant and pick from the value menu or if you go for elegant fine dining with wine and a gourmet meal.

Do you plan to work with a contractor who is required to pay Davis-Bacon wages? Do you plan to work union jobs? Do you plan to work for a temp staffing service? Do you plan to work at a campground in exchange for a campsite? All those are realistic options for working RVers. You know from your experience that there's a vast range in the pay scale of those choices.

Maintenance skills are always in demand. For casual, short-term jobs at campgrounds and resorts, a full hook-up RV site with utilities included, and an additional $10 - $15 an hour may be a ball park figure.

If you are working for a temporary staffing service, or a seasonal contractor, or a summer school program, or are employed by a government agency, then you should expect more. Wages for these jobs should be inline, or better, than what you have on permanent positions.

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