Mail While Full-time RVing

- Richard
(Buellton, Ca. USA)

How do we receive mail while RVing?

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Use a Mail Forwarding Service

Many full-time RVers use a mail forwarding service. The service provides you a permanent address. Your mail goes there.

The mail service holds your mail. At an agreed upon date, they package it up and send it to you. Some go on an automated schedule. Other services let you pick when you have your mail sent, and in my opinion, this is a much better service.

Shortly before the mail is to be forwarded on to you, you let them know where to send it. You might have it go to General Delivery and pick it up at the post office. Or, you might have it sent to the campground where you are staying.

Some RVers use family or friends to handle their mail. It occasionally works out okay. Oftentimes, there are problems.

I have detailes articles the Workers On Wheels website about what to look for when choosing a mail handling service. You can also find detailed information there about the mail service we use and why we chose them.

Here's the link:

FMCA Mail Forwarding

If you own a motorhome and don't belong to FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.) you are missing out on lots of benefits, one of which is free mail forwarding. Let them know where you are and the mail shows up weekly. We have been using their service for 5 years and have been very satisfied.

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