The Mail Forwarding Service We Recommend for RVers

A reliable mail forwarding service is essential for working RVers. We use and recommend The UPS Store #1884 on West Main Street in Rapid City, SD. We have worked with them, for years. The staff there continues to provide excellent service.

Following are some of the reasons we use their service:

• Allows the use the same service for both our personal and our business mail.

• Has a street address and will accept deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, and other transports.

• Has someone available evenings and Saturdays, whom I can speak with about my mail and/or to give forwarding instructions.

• Will forward mail according to our schedule.

• Will send mail the same day it is requested, including Saturdays.

• Will forward mail according to the method chosen, such as Priority or Overnight.

• Sends an email confirmation, letting me know mail has shipped.

• Has experience with RVers.

• Small enough to give customized, personal service.

• Large enough to provide continual service, even if one person gets sick or goes on vacation.

• Accepts credit card payments.

• No set-up or initiation fees.

• No additional charges for package handling.

• No cancellation fees if service is not renewed.

• Offers extras, such as receipt of FAX's.

• Since using their service, they have not charged us for any hidden or unexpected fees.

• Staff gives me a comfortable gut feeling.

Over the past years, I have done extensive research on mail forwarding services in various states. The UPS Store in Rapid City is the service that I think has the best value. (They are not the cheapest.)

Please be sure and tell them Coleen at Workers On Wheels sent you. I want them to know we think they do a great job!

Here is the contact information:

The UPS Store 1884
3213 W Main St
Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: 605-342-7379
Toll Free 877-461-7361
Fax: 605-342-0554

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