Lynn Geiser

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(36ft fifth wheel montana mountaineer)

As an flexible and creative individual with organization ability, a wide range of customer service knowledge. In most of my career I have gravitated towards tourism areas. I so enjoy talking about travel and meeting new people. Enjoying the great amazing outdoors. I have traveled through most of the USA. This is my 3rd RV. I have owned a 27ft class C and 2 Fifth Wheels although I also enjoy the van life because I do local camping in my mini van. I have worked seasonally prior to this, I have worked in Sedona Az for Sunterra in marketing to bring guests to the property for timeshare options. My last position was at The Karol Hotel in St. Petersburg, Fl. At a Marriott boutique hotel as the night auditor. We gained exceptional training. We started setting up the hotel in November 2019 and in February 2020 opened, only to be furloughed in March 2020. I waited out the pandemic in Austin Texas waiting to arrive in Colorado. I am so eager to return to my new career dream.

I believe in treating guests, customers and co-workers as I would want to be treated. And the opportunity we have today to shine is what will lead us to being successful in the future. I am really thrilled to be in Colorado, and my goal is to return next season hopefully in the same property. I take pride in my impeccable administrative skills and my professional but yet fun demeanor as it has always earned me high recognition from my employers.

Look forward to meeting with you and hearing more about your campground.
Tara Lynn Geiser


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