Looking for a Warm Climate

- Anonymous
(NW Florida)

We're out of work work campers looking for a warm climate, to hang out for the winter. We're especially happy when we can ride our bikes to the beach and the super market. Any suggestions?

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Warm Weather Job? Or, Warm Weather Place to Play?

You indicate you are in Florida, so it sounds like the being in a warm climate part is already handled. You say you prefer to be by the beach, so if you aren't near one now, moving close to one would be a logical next step.

Once in the area where you want to be, you should be able to find workamping jobs, if indeed that is what you want. Truthfully, I'm receiving mixed messages and it could be that the reason you are out of work is that employers are receiving them also. Do you want a job? Or do you want, in your words,to "hang out" and ride your bicycles on the beach?

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