Long Distance Access Code

- Gene Thieman
(Cudjoe Key, Florida)

How does a person acquire an access code for long distance calls concerning employment with some of your help wanted advertisers?

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I'm Stuck on Access Code Question

Hi Gene,

I'm sorry, but I'm drawing a blank here. What access code do you mean?

Do you mean the area code? I try to double check the ads to see that the phone numbers are complete and do have the area code with them. If one is missing, you should be able to find it in either a phone book (directory). If you don't have a phone book handy, but are on-line, you should be able to Google or otherwise search the town or region to find the area code.

If this isn't what you meant, please respond with more information and I'll try again. Or, other readers, if you know, please answer.

Long Distance Access Code

Try getting a cell phone and you shouldn't need an access code.

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