Lone Rock Ranch North Bend Oregon

Caretaker on Oregon Ranch
FHU for negotiated hours/month. We live on a beautiful ranch along the shores of one of the northern inlets of the Coos Bay estuary along the southern Oregon coast. We are looking for an individual or couple with a decent RV to park/live here and help us with ranch chores. These chores might include, trimming, building/repairing fences, mowing, spraying weeds, picking blueberries, repairing irrigation systems, helping with livestock, operating a chainsaw, stacking wood, and other assorted tasks. The job would also include Caretaking when we travel for fun or to see our grandchildren. We are in our early 70's, still very active, but need some extra help around our place. We are a retired wildlife biologist and nurse and do our best to be responsible stewards of our land. We have restored shorebirds, waterfowl and salmon habitat on our property. A bald eagle nests here, and we have tallied over 150 bird species on our ranch. We are protecting some irreplaceable cultural resources here too. We are looking for a responsible, conservation minded individual/couple that believe in science and conservation. Must like dogs (2 labs) Full covid vaccinations are required. No smokers. We are willing to negotiate the number of work hours per week/month. Our part of Oregon is called the "Adventure Coast" as there are many outdoor activities: fishing, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, crabbing etc. The position is available now. manganlarryandsylvia@gmail.com

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