Lizard Creek: Chronicles of a Campground Host -- Book Review

Lizard Creek host Bill Johns entertains with stories of what it is like to be a summer campground host in the Grand Teton National Park. He shares how he got started hosting at Lizard Creek Campground, and offers advice for RVers wanting to camp host.

Lizard Creek: Chronicles of a Campground Host

What is it really like to be a campground host? What do you do all day? Do you just sit there and wave to the campers as they come into the park? Do you spend all day cleaning bathrooms? What do you do when a grizzly bear shows up in camp? What do you do when things go wrong -- or are all the campers friendly and law abiding, and equipment never fails? Do you make a lot of money when you work as a campground host? Did you love it? Would you do it again? Could I do it?

Mention that you are a campground host, and the questions start flowing. Working as a camp host, especially in a national park, enthralls people. It may be their dream, or it may be something they've never thought about doing. Either way, the idea of spending an entire season living in a national park fascinates them.

In Lizard Creek: Chronicles of a Campground Host, Bill Johns addresses those questions. Bill and wife, Barb, had a fascinating summer working as campground hosts at Lizard Creek Campground in the Grand Teton National Park.

The book reads akin to having a conversation with a good friend. A friend who's excited about his adventures and wants to tell you all about them. A friend who honestly shares the ups and downs of his camp hosting experience. And, alas, a friend who cusses and doesn't take grammar and punctuation too seriously.

I started reading the book in the middle -- the way I start reading most books. Instead of reading a page or two, and then putting it down, as I had intended, I kept reading. I chuckled as I identified with some of the RVers. I smirked at some of his bear stories -- I am after all, an Alaskan, and we have bears in Alaska. Several times, I thought, "He had way more patience with those little brats than I would have had." A few times, I shook my head, because his experiences were so very different from mine. It was entertaining and amusing.

Lizard Creek: Chronicles of a Campground Host, is an informative read about what it is really like to be a campground host, particularly a Lizard Creek host. Johns takes you along as he makes his morning rounds. You get to see, both figuratively and in photographs, what he sees and does during his time in the park.

At the beginning and ending of the book, he explains what lead up to the job. He describes the application process and what follows. He gives advice on what to do if you think camp hosting could be in your future. John's perspective is that of a planner, and by the time you finish the book, you'll know how his plan to be a Lizard Creek host evolved.

You can find Lizard Creek: Chronicles of a Campground Host at Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback editions.

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