Lindley Creek Bluegrass Band

- The Greers - Kathie, John Rob, Katie, Chase, and Tate
(Together on the Road, RVing and Performing )

Lindley Creek Bluegrass - RVing Family Band

Lindley Creek Bluegrass - RVing Family Band

The Lindley Creek Bluegrass band's 30 foot Class C motorhome is backed up to the campground rec hall door. The Greer family is preparing to give RVers another evening of musical entertainment.

Tonight, the scene is at Park Center in Port Isabel, TX. But throughout the winter, it could be at any of the campgrounds or churches in the Rio Grande Valley. They have a busy schedule with over 40 concerts.

Unlike many of the musical groups entertaining at Valley campgrounds, the Greers are not semi-retired senior citizens. Rather, they are a growing family with three teenagers. Mom (Kathie), Dad (John Rob), two brothers (Tate and Jase), and a sister (Katie). They all sing and play musical instruments.
Lindley Creek Bluegrass BandLindley Creek Bluegrass - RVing Family Band

We visited with John Rob after the show. Hailing from Lebanon, Missouri, the family is now on the road full-time. "Someday, when I have his little one on my knee," John Rob says, nodding in the direction of his oldest son, "I don't want to have to say, 'I wish we would have.'" "I'll be able to tell him how we did it."

When not in the Rio Grande Valley, the Lindley Creek Bluegrass Band performs around the country. Besides RV parks, they play at churches, fairs, private events, and other public venues.

Greer Family Bluegrass Music BandGreer Family Band - RVing Family Travels and Performs

They have several CDs and t-shirts that they sell at their concerts. They are also available from their website Lindley Creek website. Proceeds from these, along with what they earn when they perform live, are what financially keeps the family going.

Family and God are important to the Greers. RVing together, and working together playing their music, lets them live out these values.

Update November 2013: Lindley Creek continues to entertain with their bluegrass and to spread the gospel while traveling the USA in their bus. However, oldest son, Tate, has since left the family band to start his own family. He and his wife, Kelsi, continue the tradition of being musicians with a family band.


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