Lend a Hand: Kindness Is Repaid, Sometime Monetarily with a Job

Lend a hand without being asked. It isn't really volunteering. What I'm talking about are incidental times when you step in and help to be kind. When you just do something because you know it will really help someone. And, you don't have the ulterior of motive of getting paid, or even getting an RV parking site out of the deal. But, it ends up that you do get paid.

These are some examples of times we ended up with jobs (or job offers) simply because we were lending a helping hand.

We were staying at a campground and someone ran over a water line. The repairman, Jim, was trying to dig it up, but the trench was filling in faster than he could dig. There was a second shovel there, so Bob picked it up and started shoveling. Then, he ran down and turned off the water valve. One of Jim's next projects was remodeling the bathrooms. He hired Bob to help. After that, they laid asphalt on the campground streets. He hired Bob to help on that job, too, raking, shoveling, laying tack oil, and running the asphalt roller.

We were working a flea market, as weekend vendors. During the week, they were doing some dirt work on the grounds, making a new parking lot. Bob picked up some rocks that the blade driver had scraped up, and moved them out of the way. It was a big help, and they hired Bob to keep doing it. Soon after, there was a fire at the flea market. It destroyed several covered buildings. Because Bob had worked for them previously and they liked his work ethic, they hired him again. This time, his job was cutting down remaining beams with a chainsaw.

Another job at a flea market came about because he helped a carpenter carry some small trusses. The guy was trying to manhandle them into place by himself. But, it really was a job for two people. Bob could see he was struggling and stepped into helped. When they were all in place and it was quitting time, he paid Bob. He called Bob when he needed help again.

Bob was in a hardware store shopping for some screws. Another customer couldn't find what he needed. Bob helped him find it. When Bob went to pay for the screws he was buying, the store owner offered him a job. He had already seen that Bob knew hardware -- and that he knew customer service. 

Fire destroyed the office and gift shop of a camping and fishing resort. Being a small town, the townsfolk had a "barn raising" to rebuild it. We were spending a few months in the community and felt a part of it. Bob joined the other men in constructing the new building. Spring came, and the resort owner called to ask Bob to come to work. He was hired to do maintenance and to work as a deckhand on the charter boat.

The jobs offered are sometimes not like the hand given. While visiting at a museum, Bob helped them get set up for a weekend festival. He also helped them lay some train track. From that, they hired me to work in the gift store, and later to be the bookkeeper and office manager. They hired Bob to be fill in for the museum curator who was out on medical leave. We left the museum, but returned to work for them again. The last time, they hired us to run the museum.

I worked in a whorehouse. (Okay, now that you've laughed, we can continue.) It was a tourist attraction. At one time, it had been a real brothel. By the time I worked there, it had been closed down, and reopened as a bar and tour. We occasionally stopped by the bar for a beer. I'd heard them give the tour a few times. So, one day when we were there, and some people showed up to take the tour, but the tour guide hadn't shown up for work, I gave the tour. The owner arrived midway through the tour; she listened and watched. She hired me that day to bartend and give tours for the rest of the summer.

One of our readers reports she and her husband were having breakfast at a very busy restaurant, and she helped clean a few tables. They offered her a job on the spot. You can read her story, "Helping from the Heart," here on our website.

It pays to be kind. Many times, the payment is in the good feelings you get from doing it. And sometimes, it leads to a job, and the payment is monetary.

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