Lack of Ad Response

Not one response and this is the easiest position one could ever hope for. Maybe up to 30 hours a week scares someone. I had someone contact me and the perception of a "property caretaker" is not right. It was suggested we change it to a "property groundskeeper," in addition to the hours being from 10 to 20 hours per week. So could you change our ad to say "from 8 to 20 hours," instead of "up to 30 hours"?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Lack of ad response is due to one of two things. Either you are putting your ad in the wrong place or you need a better ad.

In this case, it is the ad. I'm not so sure that the job title had much to do with the lack of response.

I'm positive asking for 30 hours a week for a parking site was a huge detriment. You'll find the best workers receive pay for all hours worked, plus receive a site and utilities. Well, they get paid for all hours on the clock, but many of them end of spending extra time doing things around the property on their time off, because they care and they feel they are being treated right.

Another thing that is keeping people from responding is the request for a photo. Many believe doing so smacks of discrimination. Some believe it is illegal.

Reducing the number of hours required should certainly help with the lack of ad response.

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Up to 30 Hours per Week

You need to consider that many of those who may apply are restricted in what they can "earn" and not be penalized by losing some of their social security or other retirement benefits. The exchange of work for a campsite and FHU's is, by the government, considered income and they must pay income taxes on that. Also it must be reported to the Social Security Administration, either by the employer or by the individual (if classified as an independent contractor). If what you offer jeopardizes, in any way, that established income, you won't see any applications.

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