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It looks like we will be working for a KOA this summer. Is there a way to learn the KOA registration program before we begin (so we won't feel so lost when we begin)?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

The KOA (Kampgrounds of America) registration software program is proprietary. I don't know how it differs, or how much it differs, from other campground management systems.

However, I did find a website that tells quite a bit about it. I Googled, "koa registration software," and it turned up the KampSight website. Surprisingly to me, there's no log in required to access the site. So it is apparently public information. It looks like they may have a tutorial there, complete with screanshots. I think you'll find more information there than what you want to know. The website address is http://kampsight.com.

For others who are interested in the software registration programs that other campgrounds use, some of them have trial versions that you can use. I believe that some of them also offer a training class.

While it may help you to feel more relaxed and self-confident your first few days on the job, I doubt that you are expected to know your way around the KampSite program. Unless, of course, you told your future employer that you were familiar with it.

Which brings up a good point: If you have used one of the registration software programs, or have taken the certification class on one, be sure to include that information on your resume and job application. Even if you are familiar with a different brand program than a particular campground uses, the fact that you know your way around any one of them may is likely to be helpful.

Enjoy your KOA job this summer!

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Kampsight Software

First of all, let me welcome you to the KOA family and congratulate you on your upcoming KOA job. My husband and I have worked two seasons for KOA and we can only say wonderful things about the organization and family. If it helps you at all, yes there is a tutorial for Kampsight, and it will, at the very least, offer you some vocabulary help. That way you won't feel like you're learning a second language when you get on the job.

But to help you even more, you can expect and depend on the owners or managers of the KOA you will be working at to give you all the instruction and help you will need to be personally successful at your job, as well as keeping the KOA running smoothly.

Good luck and if you are interested in getting in touch with me you can do so at brandenburgbrad@yahoo.com.

Most of all ~ have a wonderful season.

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