Knife and Scissor Sharpening

(Ken asks...)

I'm looking at starting my own knife and scissor sharpening business. I've read that an RVer who sharpened knives, scissors, etc. for other RVers at big RV parks could pay his travel expenses with his sharpening income. Is there really that much demand for a sharpening service? I'm training now to get qualified to sharpen several different items for pay.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

There is a demand for professional sharpening services. I'm not so sure that it is in an RV park.

You might offer your services to barbers and beauticians. It is my understanding that they often send their hair cutting implements away to have them sharpened. I would think they would appreciate having someone come to them to do the job.

Another option is to set up at a flea market or other event. It is possible that you might do your work as part of a demonstration exhibit. Some craft fairs and living history events seek out people who can demonstrate their craft during the show.

You didn't specifically mention chain saw sharpening. But, I know people have asked Bob to sharpen their chain saws for them, as well as to teach them how to do it themselves.

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Sharpening Scissors

Check out fabric and sewing machine stores. Where I live in Texas, there's someone that comes around once every couple of months, the store advertises with a flyer/customer request form, and the customers leave their scissors, and pick them up later.

I never took my scissors there; the store is 60 miles one way, so I don't get there very often: Bernina in Plano, Tx. Don't remember the advertised prices, though, sorry.

Hope this helps.

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