Kids in the RVing Family: How Having Children Along Affects Work Camping Jobs

~ RVing with kids article by Heather Wickline

Prior to hitting the road, I had heard a lot of horror stories about families being turned away from jobs because they had kids and never disclosed it during the phone interviews. So, before I ever got my first work camping job, I made the decision that I was going to be upfront and honest about the fact that I had kids.

My first experience went well. There was a little concern at the beginning about how the kids would affect my work. But, since my job was cleaning bathrooms, I would take the kids with me and they would play at the playground while I cleaned. Sometimes I would incorporate the kids and make cleaning the bathrooms a game. They loved playing and helping Mommy.

My second job, I approached it the same way. I let them know upfront that I had kids. When I got there, they met the kids and me, and all was good. But, two weeks into a six month assignment, they came to me and politely asked me to leave. They didn’t think I could handle my work camping responsibilities, home schooling the kids, and caring for them, while working 20 hours a week.

That wasn’t the only negative experience I have encountered because I have kids. But, it was the most inconvenient.

Typically, during phone interviews, once they find out we have kids they quickly cut the interview short. At that point, I know they are not going to offer us the job. When that happens, I do feel a little discriminated against because I have kids, even though they don’t affect my ability to work or my strong work ethic.

We have begun to look for single work camping positions that don’t require a couple, or camp hosting jobs, and haven’t had an issue with the kids since. I have found that employers prefer to have someone home with the kids while someone is working. I think, in their minds, it makes more sense, so that the kids don’t interfere with our commitment to the job.

I still let them know we do have kids, so it’s not a surprise when we show up. They seem to be a little more flexible when it comes to our work schedule. Since this discovery, the only way having kids has affected our ability to work camp is that we aren’t allowed to work in the retirement communities, but they are really in the minority when it comes to work, so it hasn’t affected us greatly.


This article is written by Heather Wickline who is a full-time RVer with children on the road. She adds this about her family:

My family and I have been full timing for two years now. We are loving being packed into a 37 foot travel trailer, while we travel and experience this beautiful country. We provide our kids with a hands-on education that no public school can compete with. You can follow our Wandering Wickline Journey blog.

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