Johny and Jodi Dodson

The Dodsons

The Dodsons

Hi there. We are a friendly, energetic couple looking for a possible home in the campground industry. We have 6 years behind us. We have worked for two companies so far in four different states. As camp hosts we challenged every position they had. Day use, campground maintenance, cabin cleaning, security, boat and guest transportation, gatehouse, sales and the list goes on. We proceeded to join the manager training while working as hosts, worked our way to assistants and eventually managers. We were responsible for five properties, all equipment, orders, schedules, deposits, inventory and more. We are familiar with the stress involved. But it is very satisfying to create a safe and great outdoor experience for guests. We have been fortunate to meet people from all over the world. There is so much still to learn and see. Every place has different critters. Such as: alligators, bears, snakes, birds and bugs. We are not retired or on SS, so we'd prefer 30-40 hours a week with a site. We would like to find something starting in March. Contact: jojosmile69.jd @ Resumes on request


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