Jobs with Housing for Workers Who Don't Yet Have an RV

Jobs with housing can fill the gap between living in a traditional home that you own or rent and when you get your RV. A variety of work options include room and board or lodging accommodations.

Jobs with Housing

Here are some examples and situations that work for folks who don't yet have a recreational vehicle of their own:

Bed and breakfasts -- If they don't operate at full capacity, they may have an extra room you could rent during the entire time you worked there.

Farms and ranches -- Farmers and ranchers frequently provide room and board for their hired hands. It varies from a room in the farmer's home to a separate building, from a bunkhouse to an RV.

Travel nurses and other medical professionals -- Lodging accommodations are usually part of the package for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on temporary assignments. Whether privately arranged or working for a temp staffing firm, they will usually be a rental home or apartment.

Fish processing camps -- Tent cities are common. It is also common for them to have small, older campers and trailers for their employees. They might also have a bunkhouse. Depending on the processor, they may rent the space to the worker, or it may be part of the compensation package.

Motels, hotels, inns, and lodges -- Similar to bed and breakfasts, but since they have more rooms, the chances of them being full are less. So, your chances of being able to rent a room for the season, or to work a few hours a week in exchange for a room, are pretty good. Some also have a manager's apartment connected to the facility and they require you to stay there. This is probably one of the most common options for workers without campers of their own.

RV parks and campgrounds -- They may have cabins, an RV, or a bunkhouse for staff. This is true for privately owned facilities as well as national and state parks.

Fishing and hunting lodges -- The more remote, the more likely they are to provide housing for staff.

Commercial fisherman -- Those working the crab, shrimp, and fishing boats that are out to sea for days or weeks on end, live aboard the boats.

Flea markets -- Some flea markets have bunkhouses. These are typically for the vendors to stay at while setting up and selling their wares at the market. They may be available for flea market staff, as well as for vendors.

Custom combining crews -- The crews are typically provided room and board. They often have several travel trailers among the equipment caravan.

Circus and carnivals -- While some of the workers have their own RVs, it isn't unusual for the circus or carnival to provide sleeping quarters for performers and support staff.

Theme parks and tourist attractions -- They, too, may provide on-site or nearby housing options for workers without campers. You may find the seasonal attractions in more rural areas are most likely to have jobs with housing available.

Mobile home parks -- Also called manufactured home villages or trailer parks, they often have one home for the park manager. They may have one for other staff, also.

Apartment buildings and senior housing complexes -- It is typical that the manager and maintenance people are given an apartment as part of their compensation. In some cases, living on the premises is a job requirement.

School dormitories -- Boarding schools have house parents. Colleges and universities have residential assistants.

Residential facilities -- Group homes for children, homes for challenged adults, shelters and crisis centers, youth ranches, residential treatment centers, and maternity homes are all among the many facilities that hire live-in staff. Social services may be one of the larger professions that provides jobs with housing.

Nannies - Live in childcare providers for private individuals receive housing that ranges from a room to a separate home on the property.

Property caretakers -- Caretaking is another very popular option workers without campers. The caretaker duties may be to live in the home while the owners are away. It may also involve living in a cabin, cottage, or other on-site housing, either with the owners present on the property or while they are absent. We had one caretaking position, where the main purpose of the caretaker was to provide a security presence, where they provided a park model RV.

Jobs with housing included are oftentimes the same types of jobs that you'll find after you get your RV and take your own housing with you to the job.

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