Jobs for People Like Me

Jobs. Success. We at Workers On Wheels love to help RVers succeed. One way we do that is by answering questions. We give practical, honest answers. We don't buy into myths and excuses. We don't sugar coat. And, we often believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Yes, There Are Jobs

This article is about one of the most common questions people ask us about working and RVing.

"I am _________. Are there any jobs out there for working campers like me?"

Fill in the blank, with whatever it is that you think makes you special.

Read that again.

Fill in the blank. With whatever. You. Think. Makes. You. Special.

Here are some we've heard:

  • single
  • disabled
  • diabetic
  • retired
  • black
  • broke
  • a veteran
  • female
  • gay
  • in my 20s
  • in my 70s
  • a dog owner
  • Canadian
  • overweight
  • new to RVing
  • living in a tent
  • a homemaker
  • a truck driver
  • a professional
  • hard of hearing
  • wanting to travel
  • a high school drop-out
  • full-timing with a pickup camper
  • a mother with two preschoolers
  • married, but my spouse doesn't work
  • a divorced father with custody of my kids
  • in Hawaii (or one of the other 49 states)

None of the above makes one iota of difference in whether or not you can find work while RVing. None of the above make a squat of difference in whether or not you can earn a living while RVing.

Those things make a difference in the kinds of work you can do. A high school dropout -- okay, axe the jobs working as a travel nurse in emergency rooms. Overweight like me -- cross being an acrobat in the circus from your list. Living in a tent -- you won't get hired to host in the fancy "motorcoach only" RV resort. Use some common sense. You aren't qualified to do every job out there.

But that doesn't matter.

What does matter is your attitude. A lot. A whole lot.   

Here's how you find work, in spite of whatever it is that you put in the blank at the start of this article.

Stop whining.

Stop playing the victim.

Stop telling people what you can't do.

Stop begging people to give you a chance. Instead, take a chance on yourself. Step out of the "poor me" mindset.

Focus on what you can do. Pay attention to what is good in your life. Emphasize your strengths and your capabilities. Get additional training to expand your options. Get your transportation and living quarters neat and clean.

Determination and willingness to do a job are the main requirements to make it as a working RVer. Excitement and enthusiasm go a long way with prospective employers.

Your physical attributes, the age and type of your RV, and your personal circumstances are what you make of them. This will burst a few bubbles -- but most people don't care.

Most employers won't ask about your age, color, marital status, and other personal factors because they just don't care. Anti-discrimination policies are in place for the exceptions who do. But, again, an employer's concern is with whether or not you meet the job requirements and whether or not you can do the job.

So, to answer that question: Are there any jobs out there for working campers like me? The answer is, "Yes."

You must want them. You must focus on what you can do. Look for work for which you are qualified. Take a course or get a certification. Be willing to do what it takes. Have a healthy, positive attitude. The jobs are there for you.

And, as a closing thought, if you don't like the jobs other people have available for you, consider self-employment.

Read more about what it takes to be a working RVer and how to get started.

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