Job Ended Before It Started

(a work camper writes...)

We arrived as agreed for our summer position. After we had been here four days, the owner met with us. His office manager had been training us. He said he was separating from his wife and moving into the park; he could not afford to pay us. He would give us our first month pay, which is $200.00 short of our travel cost. We can stay about another week, but today, he gave my husband the money in cash. I want to talk to him and let him know our travel costs are not covered and ask why he could not have made this decision, before I drove three days to get here. Any suggestions?

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

I so, so, hope that you followed my advice and did not travel to that location solely because of a job. I trust you went to that area because you want to be there.

So, on the bright side.... You are in an area where you want to spend time. You've worked four days and been paid for a month. You have a place to stay -- at no cost to you -- for another week while you scout the area for another position.

It is typically much easier to find work after you are already on location, or at least in the general area. Campgrounds and other businesses are hiring now for the season.

Take a few hours time to study the articles on to get some ideas for finding jobs locally. Put those tips into action and you will come out of this ahead of the game. I wish you all the best!

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Make It a Win Win Situation

When you talk with the owner, let him know that you understand that with the economy the way it is and with an impending divorce, he will have cash flow problems. Have him reimburse you travel expense and you will remain as a host with no wage until _____.

Further condition the deal asking him to pay your travel to your next job at the end of the season, giving him time to have $$ in the bank.

Workampers Are People, Too!

I'm a little disappointed in Coleen's answer. Why not take the issues of CG owners disrespecting workampers? We have bills, some of us need to work for pay. What happened to honoring contracts, whether verbal or written? I think that issue needs addressed.

The very same thing happened to us. We researched for a job in Wy. We are thrilled to be here and the job is great, except now the owner tells us his business is down some this year so he will not be paying us anymore! We can work for our site only. We have a contract with this owner. We did our homework, asked for a contract, and have been excellent employees. We budgeted to break even when we took this job; now we will operate at a loss.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:


I'm sorry to hear that your experience isn't working out the way you planned.

Thanks for sharing your story. Coming from you, a campground worker, it will probably have more impact than it does coming from me. Your story reinforces what we try to explain to RVers -- that no amount of research and no contract is going to assure you that a job you accept from across the country is going to turn out like you imagine it will.

Are you planning on taking action to enforce your contract?

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