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J&G Security Gate Guards Wanted
J&G Security Gate Guard Gate Guard Security Job Overview: J&G Security has served the oilfield for over 25 years and offers round-the-clock on-site security for drilling, completion, and construction sites. If you are a full-time/seasonal RV couple seeking above industry standard pay, friendly & honest office staff, and a rewarding experience APPLY AT http://oilgates.com/opportunities/ What is a Gate Guard? A gate guard is stationed ahead of the gate to an enclosed area such as a corporate building, warehouse, construction site, or gated property (oilfield). Your job as a gate guard is to act as security by verifying visitors and keeping a guest log of incoming and outgoing personnel. Your duties are to check-in visitors, greet guests, and ensure that unauthorized people or products do not enter or leave the premises. Responsibilities and Duties: Gate Access Control Screening and Monitoring Individuals Provide excellent customer service to our clients Observe, survey, and report activities at the assigned site Respond quickly to critical situations Ability to read and write detailed reports Enforce client procedures, regulations, and standards Qualifications: Applicants will be subject to a competency-based interview and screening process. This process aims to evaluate the applicant's experience, abilities, and skills and match them to jobs, tasks, and work to which they will be best suited. Candidates must be level II private security certified. Candidates must have their own travel trailer in good working order, subject to J&G Security approval. This will be your office/residence. J&G Security will provide a new or updated generator, water, and septic systems. Pay & Schedule: 24 hr RV Couples typically work jobs that can last anywhere from 2 weeks to several months and sometimes, several years! J&G Security pays our guards on a bi-weekly basis. Per most gate guard companies, we pay our guards a daily rate that varies depending on the job (oil company on location). We provide full hookups (water, generator & septic) and free equipment services to ensure you are never without.
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