- Fulltime
(Class C, towing a car (Jayco Hreyhawk 29 GS and a Ford Fiesta)


I have been a camphost for 4 summer seasons. I love being outdoors and working with people. I have done it all and don't mind the hard work, such as cleaning bathrooms. I have worked directly for the Forest Serce and for concessionaires. My boss has asked me to return again but I would like a new adventure and challenge in a new place. My winter home base is in Southern Nevada. My dream list for a job includes a lake, cooler summers hourly pay and a site for my RV. I have a large solar system and don't require electricity. As for location, I am looking for the AZ mountains, Utah high country, Idaho, Eastern Slope of the Sierras, and Northern New Mexico. I will consider camp host as well as most types of seasonal work. Thanks for your consideration. Photos and personal information available for serious inquiries.
Thanks for you consideration.



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