Is an RV Required?

Do you have to own an RV to be a part of this?

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Website Serves Non-RVers, Too

Most of the people visiting this website -- Work For RVers And Campers -- either have a recreational vehicle or they plan to get one soon. But, no, it is not a requirement.

Much of the information applies to mobile, seasonal, and short-term workers, regardless of RV ownership. Stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) also have a lot in common with working RVers as they are often looking for something other than traditional, full-time 9 to 5 jobs. Another group that finds this website helpful are people who are between jobs, either making voluntary career changes or who have lost their jobs.

Look through the pages of the website and you'll see how the information could be useful for most anyone looking for temporary positions.

Another point, look through the job listings (Help Wanted Ads) pages. You'll see that many of the employers provide an RV parking site to their staff. Some may require the employees to live on the premises as part of the job, for example, if they are providing security. But, oftentimes, the RV site is a perk they offer because it makes the job more attractive to campers and RVers. Those jobs may be open to non-RVers as well as to RVers. And finally, looking through the ads, you'll see that some offer an apartment or cabin, so they definitely aren't limiting the positions to RVers.

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