Internet Service

(Barb writes...)

Since you rely on the internet, I need to know what you use to continually get coverage where ever you are. We are going to be working at a federal park in Coleman, Tx. According to the park ranger, the Verizon signal there is spotty or none. I need coverage for my business and sure hope you have a solution.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Oh, how getting Internet access has changed since we first went online! It's gotten to the point that many folks take for granted that there is cell phone coverage and online access everywhere. As you've pointed out, though, there are still places that have no service coverage -- a lot of places, actually.

When choosing a campground, pet friendly is the number one "must have" for us, but being able to connect to the Internet runs a close second.

WiFi is certainly the easiest for me. Nothing to plug in or hook up! I truly appreciate it when campgrounds and businesses offer free WiFi. We've never been big on fast food restaurants, but on this trip, we've patronized them numerous times so that I could use their free WiFi connection. (Thank you, McDonalds!)

I also use my cell phone as a modem. Works like a charm -- most places. There was no cell coverage in parts of Canada. Here in Port Mansfield, there's a week cell phone signal, enough for calls some of the time, but not strong enough for data. And, when using the phone as a modem, I can't use it as a phone; it may be possible, but if so, I don't know how to do it.

I'm thinking an antenna might be a good investment. But, not sure if it would be better to get one for cellular reception or one that picks up the WiFi signal.

Have you looked at alternate cellular carriers? Perhaps an aircard would work.

You might look into a satellite dish. I have no experience with them. From what I've heard, those that have to be manually set up and tuned are more hassle than what I'm will to deal with. I've never needed access badly enough to justify the costs of having one of the automatic satellite in motion systems. Though, if you are going to be in a park with no access for an entire season, and your business depends on you having Internet access, a satellite could be your answer.

I think it all boils down to being flexible and using a combination of methods.

Have a great summer!

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Internet Access

You can get Internet access almost anywhere through your cell phone provider with a broad band card. Mine is with Verizon and costs $60 a month. Yes, it may be somewhat expensive, but I can even watch a TV show or do email while riding down the road with my air card.


We have recently purchased the Verizon MIFI. Had the Verizon aircard before. The beauty of this is up to five computers can use it at the same time. If you go over your allotted gigs it is only 10 bucks for an additional gig. Of course, the hot spots are good, but I would rather have a secure connection.

I have a friend who used the dish type system. They are good if you are going to set a while and if you stay remote i/e forest service CGs.

Cellular Servicr is Not Everywhere

Cellular service does NOT exist in some areas. It does NOT matter what company you have your mobile phone or your aircard through. When you are in one of the dead areas, you will NOT get Internet access with Verizon or any other mobile carrier.

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