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What type of internet service is best if you are trying to work with a laptop on the road?

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Air Cards and WiFi for RVers

I have a data air card that I like. It works off the same signal as a cell phone. This is not a phone or a device that hooks up to the phone. It is a card that fits directly into a slot in the computer.

Newer ones fit into USB ports or express ports.

It works most anywhere there is a digital cell signal. So, you don't need to worry about phone lines or WiFi hotspots. There is a monthly service fee. Depending on the company, the card, and the contract, there may or may not be a charge for the card itself.

WiFi hot spots are becoming more and more common. You'll find a growing number of campgrounds and RV parks have them. Other places to look for hotspots are libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, motels, office service places such at UPS Stores, and even grocery stores.

Alltel Wireless Axcess Data Card

I have been using the Alltel Axcess Data Card for about a year now and have had no problems. We took the laptop with us to Indiana crossing Missouri and Illinois without problem. I checked emails several times during the trip and checked gas prices as well.

I have found that it is easier of course to get a good signal when sitting still at a rest area or something but it is not always essential.

Now with Verizon and Alltel merging signal strength may also improve in areas that were not strong with Alltel.

Cost is about $60 per month with unlimited use so not bad at all for this. We also have two Alltel cell phones so pay one bill for all and that makes it easier too.

Verizon All the Way

I have traveled alot, and never dropped or missed service with Verizon. Yep, about $60 month. BUT, I do not travel out in the boonies.


The T-Mobile Blackberry cell phone works well also. And it also gives you the internet on the phone. Found it to be the lowest cost for a sell phone with internet capability. Been using it for three years full time around the USA.

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