Inspirational Guide / Advisor

- Anella from Arizona
( AKA Project Designer and Manager)

I love inspiring others to be motivated to use a talent or reach a desired goal. I often find myself offering practical assistance to small business owners, program directors, etc.

Although I need to make a living, I don't usually think in terms of money. Seeing others succeed, and knowing that I had a hand in their success, is exciting and gratifying. It brings me great joy!

Before my retirement, I was a project manager for a state agency. I love matching resources and people together, and facilitating / coordinating those resources for the accomplishment of a common goal.

Thanks for asking, WFRAC!!

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Coleen, the editor asks:

Okay, Anella, just what do the letters "WFRAC" mean in your post?

Are you currently working your dream job? Have you thought of turning it into a money-making business? If not, what's keeping you from doing so?

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