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Do camp workers have to pay any tax?

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Work Camping and Income Taxes

I'm guessing you mean income tax and that you are referring to taxes that would be directly related to working in the campground.

First off the necessary disclaimer: I'm not an accountant, lawyer, or tax professional, so I cannot give you legal or professional advice. What follows is only my understanding of things, based on personal research. The best advice I can give you is to contact the appropriate professionals for assistance with your personal situation.

This is my understanding of things...

Volunteers for non-profitable, charitable organizations, who do not receive wages, usually do not pay income taxes on the free RV site and perks they receive. I'm told the exception is if they receive a form 1099.

Whether workers at private, for profit camps, pay income taxes for lodging (RV site and hook-ups) and meals depends on three things. If all three of the following are met, then the value of the lodging and meals is not taxed:

~ It must be on the employer's business premises.
~ It must be for the employer's benefit.
~ It must be a requirement for the job.

If the three conditions above are not met, then the worker is taxed for the fair market value. For a campsite, that would be the amount the campground owner would charge a regular customer for the same stay, such as the seasonal or monthly rate.

Another scenario would be if the worker was a self-employed independent contractor. Whether or not someone is an employee or an independent contractor is another discussion.

Again, the above is my understanding of it, and is not tax advice. The information comes mostly taken from IRS Publication 525.


Another option is to incorporate as a S-Corp (small business).

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Special Tax Section Added

Our readers keep asking more and more about how RVing, workamping, employment, and taxes all mesh. So, we keep adding information. So, we added a special section with tax information.

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