Including City and State

- DJ

Is it possible to have the folks who post work ads to include what city and state they are in?

For some of us who are not the sharpest tool in the shed, things like the following article leave us clueless, until we do further research on line to figure out the location:

Workkamping Couple Needed Now For FHU Site and Perks Needed ASAP. ARVC award winning park. Located minutes from Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Chimney Rock Park. Friendly, family atmosphere. Flexible, team players needed. FHU site, free Wi-Fi, heated pool, and cable for 20 hrs/wk per workkamping couple or single. Immediate opening thru mid-November. Duties: office work, computer, light cleaning. Would be ++ if you can sing and assist with crafts during the weekend and special events. E-mail pic/resume to {email address removed} or call {phone number removed}.

It would be great if we could narrow down our options by knowing where the work is.

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City and State Location In Ads

Thanks for the great suggestion! Sometimes we overlook the simplest of things -- things that can really make a difference.

Responding To Emails

I wish that the people who advertise for people to work for them would respond to emails. They give you the email address, and you send in your resume, and you never hear from them. If they are not interested they should tell you.

Responding to Resumes

Hi Jerry,

You've expressed a common concern. In order to answer you better, and to put the answer where others are more apt to find it, I moved your comment to a different page. This link should take you there: Responding to Applicant Emails and Resumes

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