IA: Iowa Saylorville Lake - Pay

- Roger Schoeberlein, Polk City, Iowa
(Full Hook-Up Site and Hours Worked Paid)

IA: Roger Schoeberlein, Polk City, Iowa. Looking for couples to help do janitorial work at Saylorville lake in Des Moines Iowa area. You get your full hook up site and payed for the days you work. Telephone: 6412037050 E-Mail Address: rschoeb6@yahoo.com Please, tell us you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels.

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This is a Workers On Wheels (WOW) "Help Wanted" ad. This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other employment or volunteer position for working campers and RVers -- is posted at the request of the person, business, or organization that is hiring. Roger Schoeberlein, Polk City, Iowa.


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