How About Listing Volunteer Opportunities?

- Lone Wolf
(Planet Earth)

How about listing volunteer work camper positions maybe in categories, like Human, and Animal, ie: Habitat for Humanity, Troubled Teen Camp, Animal Rescue, Animal Transport, and ranch and farm work? There are many FHU situations available that few know of or list.

This is also a relatively untapped resource, which many organizations could initiate.

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Volunteer Pages

This is an excellent idea. Thank you.

I'm happy to announce that we now have a Volunteer section started on the website.

Will you share your experiences? Let us know what opportunities are out there. I have some information on organizations that use volunteer workampers. But, there's a lot of them that I don't know about.

Lone Wolf, you mentioned some good ones. How about writing up an article and letting your fellow RVers know about them?

Do a page on each organization or agency. Be sure to include contact information. That way RVers who can help out will be able to get a hold of the right person.

Here's the link to the form to use to send that volunteer information our way: Submit Info on Volunteering

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