Housesitting Or Other Options

- Joanne

I can't find links to housesitting jobs and the like. My daughters and I will be on the east coast for 6 weeks, as tourists and working a fall festival, but we need some place to stay (we have no RV). I thought we could house or pet sit. We don't need much, even just a room or guest quarters. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Caretaking Positions Are Usually Adult Only

The live-in house sitting and pet sitting jobs that I'm familiar with are for adults only. Owners look for a single person or a couple to care for their homes, ranches, gardens, or other property.

Folks looking for property caretakers (including house sitters and pet sitters) often look for people with RVs. The reason is that it allows the caretaker to keep an eye on things, or do whatever is agreed upon, without using the property owner's home.

Lodging or an RV parking place are oftentimes part of the payment that caretakers receive for their services. To get the benefits, you do have obligations -- it is not just a free place to stay. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your intent, but it sounds to me that you are looking for free rent, rather than a job.

My suggestion is that you look into renting a cabin or motel suite. If you stay for six weeks, you can probably get rates that are much less than the nightly rates.

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