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We are aware that working 40 hours total per week per couple exceeds any value for the campground where you are staying. Most of the ads ask for this commitment.

How many workcampers negotiate these hours down? What is the best approach to lower these hours per week?

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RVers Set the Scale

Great news! Most of the Work Wanted ads on our work-for-RVers-and-campers.com website do NOT ask for that type of commitment! In fact, I don't think any of them do.

Are you looking at ads in another publication or on a website other than ours? If so, well, maybe it isn't such a great place to be doing your job search. Look elsewhere.

Look at the Help Wanteds on our site. You'll see some jobs pay for all hours worked. Some provide pay and an RV site. Some require 10 - 24 hours work for a site.

There are a few charitable organizations that ask their volunteers to work 30 or more hours a week. Those hours are not meant to be an equal dollar value exchange for a site. The value from those volunteer positions comes from helping a cause or an organization you believe in and want to help. The on-site RV parking space is a convenience. Think of any perks they give you as a thank-you, a way for them to show you their appreciation for your efforts.

Job listings -- and even job offers -- are most always negotiable. There is usually give and take from both sides.

Industry wide, the best approach for lowering the hours of work required for a site is for fewer RVers to accept positions that require excessive hours. If some workampers are working 40 hour weeks in campgrounds for a site, that is telling campground owners that 40 hours is acceptable.

Individually, you have choices. One is to not respond to ads requiring what you consider excessive hours.

The other is to visit with the campground manager/owner to see if a compromise is possible. I would say the best way to negotiate is to first find out what he needs. Does he need someone to cover all the hours? Or, does he need to limit his employee wages to just what can be bartered? When you know his needs, you can then suggest an arrangement that may suit both of you.

Ultimately, RVers set the scale according to what they are willing to do.

I Agree

I/We agree with Carol that it is a rare occasion that an employer will require 40 hours for a site. Our experience has been from 10 hours per person up to 25 hours per couple.

Like anything, the compensation is negotiable. Your boss is looking for the best deal he can get and the worker wants the best he can get. So don't be afraid to negotiate!

Although some jobs are for "no pay," you can often get your employer to kick in the use of a vehicle, propane, laundry, meals, personal use of facilities, accommodations for friends and family, etc.

We have often asked if we can have guests come to visit for a few days or a week which was granted. Our guests have enjoyed the opportunity so much that they even offered to help out for a few hours painting, pressure washing or lawn mowing.

Good luck in your search. I believe you are on the right track volunteering since it appears to me that in these economic times employers are cutting back and looking more and more for free help. Free to the employer but valuable to the workamper.

Volunteer Hours

At a private campground in Michigan where we work camped, we had to put in 32 hours just to pay for site, because of needing 50 amp service. But, we also got discounts on any thing bought in the camp store, so in many ways it was still better then having to pay to stay there. But, because of personal reasons we will never go back to that campground.

Asking too much!

There is a campground that advertises with you that required 40 hrs. per week; 6 hours for the office and 4 for outside. At the end of the ad, it states that the site would cost our guest over $2400.00 a month in the summer season. It seems that they are trying to take advantage of workampers because in the off season they state that the rates are $500-550 per month.

Coleen comments: I couldn't find the ad you are referring to. If you email me a copy of the ad, I can look into it more.

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