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For the full time RV'ers, what do you do about a drivers license and income tax return if you don't own any property and are a full time RV'er? What address do you use? Are you allowed to use a PO BOX on a drivers license?

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Address and Mail Service

Most full time RVers have permanent addresses. You need one for your drivers license, vehicle registrations, taxes, insurance, bank records, and other business papers.

Some agencies, organizations, and businesses allow you to use a post office box and some don't. It also varies from state to state.

Some RVers use family or friends. And from what I've seen, after a few weeks or months, that is exactly how those family members or friends feel -- used.

A mail forwarding service is a good choice. They are in the business of handling mail and sometimes provide other services, too.

When we were on the road full-time without a physical home base, we were South Dakota residents. We used the Mail Boxes Etc. in Rapid City, SD. In fact, we still have a box there and I continue to recommend them. I have an article on the Workers On Wheels website that explains why. Here's the link to it:
State of Record/Address Info

Legally Easy

Both South Dakota and Florida laws allow home residence to be claimed _LEGALLY_ without physical presence! I am a resident of Florida, to include voting. Check out "American Home Base" at

A legal and sure solution.

Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Box Etc. works great for all your needs full timing.

Mail Boxes Etc. Is The UPS Store

Some, if not all, of the Mail Boxes Etc. are now The UPS Store.

Residency Proof when Full Time-ing

We have been full timers for 12 years now, having sold our home and living exclusively in our 5th wheel. For any state you choose as your "home," look for one that has a mail forwarding service that offers not only a P.O. Box, but a physical address, also, usually for packages delivery. This physical address can then be used to apply for licenses, etc. Also, try to pick a state in which you plan to "winter over" or spend 5 or 6 summer months there and save all receipts for paid spaces, etc., to show length of residency. Also, save the envelopes that forwarded mail comes in as that can show residency also. Other things to look for in determining where to establish your "home" is the tax base of the state (sales tax rate, income tax rate). We chose Oregon as they have no state sales tax and do not tax SS as income. Auto insurance rates can differ widely depending on whether an area has a high accident rate or not - usually around large major cities with lots of freeway exchanges; pick a smaller rural area a few miles away from any big metropolitan congestion. Is your medical coverage limited to a geographical area or not? With a little time, research, and listing of your specific criteria it won't be hard to find the best place for you to establish the new "home" most attractive to your financial and personal needs.

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