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Paul & Carolyn Vermeulen
(Kingman, Az.)

Who in their right mind would pay to get a job? I'm looking for a job (employment) that one doesn't have to pay someone else to give them the job/employment from home.

I'm disabled and my wife takes care of me. She would love to make extra income from home. To those who can help in any other way we say thank you very much. Thanks.

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Work At Home Isn't Necessarily Employment

Hi Paul,

It sounds to me like there's more to your question than what you are asking.

You don't pay to get a job. Employers don't ask you to. Even when you use a temporary staffing service or an employment agency, the employee doesn't pay – the employer does. It doesn't matter if you work at the employer's place of business, at home, or at a remote location, employees don't pay to get jobs. Period.

Many people who work at home aren't employees. They are independent contractors or business owners. Obviously, if you start a business, you should expect that you will have business expenses.

Don't Pay For Employment!

Hi Paul,

In our area, the temp services charge the employer to find you. You can also go online to your state employment development department and get more information. Good luck - whit

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