Holiday Jobs: Seasonal Work Now Until Christmas -- Real Jobs For Real RVers

Holiday jobs … real, seasonal, moneymaking work that you can pick up in November. Work that lasts for the next six weeks, until Christmas. Work that can get you through the holidays and into the new year.

Holiday Jobs for the Pre Christmas Season

There are a lot of fun businesses that are great holiday moneymakers -- creating and selling fabulous crafts, catering gourmet holiday parties, and running a gift finding service for local celebrities.

Reality check: it is November. Christmas is only weeks away. There’s probably no way you can get those businesses off the ground and profitable before this Christmas.

What follows are some practical and doable suggestions for seasonal work. They aren't necessarily glamorous. They are tried and true ways to increase your income during the next couple of months.

Wrapping booth -- Set up at craft shows, flea markets, or open houses hosted by others (such as your Avon(R), Tupperware(R), or Discovery Toys(R) dealer). Busy shoppers will gladly pay you to wrap their purchases; not only will the task be done, but the gifts will be concealed.

Mrs. Claus, Frosty the Snowman, or an elf -- Don a suit and assist Santa by entertaining waiting children, comforting those who need a soothing voice, or handing out treats. Work in a beauty shop, reading to children while mom has her hair cut; stand in a car dealership parking lot and wave to passing motorists; or help a photographer comb hair and elicit smiles.

Cashiers and stockers -- Retail stores hire additional workers for regular shifts, peak hours, and to cover their extended holiday hours. The employee discount that often comes with retail jobs can amount to huge savings on your gift purchases.

Bell ringers -- Charitable organizations hire those folks who stand outside stores collecting donations; typically, they are not volunteers.

Letters from Santa -- Hand write personalized letters, on cheery holiday paper, in a child-friendly tone. For a special touch, arrange to have them mailed from North Pole, Alaska.

Childcare or elderly care - In your home, or in theirs. Or, work for other businesses, providing care during the company party, during the extended hours their employees are now working, or as a short-term employee of an established care center.

Floral shops and nurseries -- Assemble centerpieces, make wreaths, and decorate trees. Or, deliver them to customers.

Temporary staffing agencies -- Temp agencies have open positions for professionals, office personnel, service workers, and day laborers. Some specialize in one type of worker, such as placing only health care workers or only service workers. Others cover a broad spectrum of industries and types of jobs.

Your favorite store or business -- Ask them if they need seasonal help. Stopping by in person is more likely to result in a job than telephoning or e-mailing them. Being flexible about what work you do also greatly increases your chances of being hired.

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