Hit the Road and Live Your RVing Dream Before Retirement

Hit the Road is the story of how a couple earns their living as full-time RVers by helping others to be RV entrepreneurs, so they can live their dreams before retirement, making a living anywhere.

Team Agreda Helps Aspiring RV Entrepreneurs Live Their Dreams Before Retirement - Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano Teach Others How to Make a Living from Anywhere

by Rene Agredano

Have you ever wanted to go on a permanent vacation? Leave your job behind and hit the road to see America?

Some people think a vision like this is a pipe dream, or something that only retired people are able to do. But we are proof that it can be done, long before retirement. And you don't need to win the lottery either.

A Different Office View Every Day

With only an Internet connection, two laptops, and a cell phone, we are a couple of forty-somethings making a living from the road while exploring North America. Since embarking on our journey in 2007, we've learned the nuts and bolts of supporting a nomadic lifestyle, and have acquired valuable insights about the most lucrative ways people are making money. We call ourselves "Team Agreda," and we're happy to share the best income generating methods that work for experienced and novice road trippers alike.

Remember, nobody ever has to know that you're at work in your slippers. As long as you can maintain a professional presence on the web and phone, you can do business from a Utah canyon or along the Mississippi River – any place you've ever dreamed of seeing.

A "Plan B" is Critical

Teaching others how to live their own road trip dream is our passion. So believe us when we say that RVer or not, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to making a living is relying on a single source of income. Anyone who has suffered a job loss recently understands why it's vital to diversify your income generating methods.

Don't wait for the pink slip layoff notice. Have a 'Plan B' in place to help cover living expenses if your primary income source should disappear. And keep in mind that when you're living on the road, it's imperative to be flexible about what you're willing to do for a paycheck, or free rent in exchange for a few hours of work.

Oftentimes, short-term jobs that you never would have considered before, like selling Christmas trees or cleaning campground bathrooms, become tolerable when you realize that you can get free rent or make a fair amount of money in a short period of time. We have pursued various different "workamping" opportunities – both paid and unpaid – that each had unique pros and cons, but always made our life more adventurous and fun.

Tips for Paying for Our Road Trip Lifestyle

First, stay out of debt and keep your expenses low. Remember that while sometimes you'll have to choose between the latest gizmo and a tank of fuel, the moments you share as you journey across the country will have far more of a positive impact on your life.

Never say "no" to at least learning about a new income-generating opportunity. You never know what may be just right for you. Although Jim is a graphic designer and I am a freelance writer by trade, we always remain open to other possibilities. For example, we earn a living by:

~ Designing, writing, and managing various blogs and websites
~ Using affiliate advertising for commissions from online merchant partnerships
~ Creating jewelry and selling it online
~ Writing and publishing targeted e-books for niche audiences
~ Providing freelance graphic design and writing services
~ Working at scenic tourist destinations in exchange for campsites
~ Marketing for a reputable health and wellness product manufacturer

One of the most lucrative ways we support our lifestyle is by teaming up with vendors who will drop ship merchandise directly to customers. For example, we have partnered with a U.S. based catalog shopping company that offers more than 350 products and pays us commissions for generating customer referrals. The company handles all customer interaction after the initial enrollment, including taking and shipping all orders. A major benefit of partnering with companies like this is we don't have to stock any inventory in our 24' fifth wheel trailer.

Another critical move for anyone who wants to live this lifestyle is to start a small business. You don't have to launch a corporate enterprise, but it needs to be something that you're enthusiastic about because it makes you want to get up in the morning. Perhaps the biggest plus is that you'll get to shape your destiny while enjoying dozens of tax deductions that can apply to any small business setting – even a mobile RV office.

Find the Business that Works for You

There are so many ways you can earn a living while seeing America. So if you also have a dream about going on an extended road trip, don't wait until you're retired. Anything can happen between now and then, and many people don't live long enough to follow their cherished dreams. Life is short, so remember . . . if we can live our road trip dream, you can too. As Steve Jobs said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."


Author's Bio: We've worked from our home for more than 15 years and have investigated many home-based business opportunities. Now we want to share what we've learned so you can identify the best home-based business for your family. Our website at Team Agreda offers free business tips for RVers and as well as educational resources from authors such as financial expert Dave Ramsey and lifestyle design guru Tim Ferriss. Stop by to pick up some ideas, and then attend one of our free online webcasts about the best money-making method that works for us as RVing snowbirds.

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